Buyer FAQ

What are the advantages of buying an existing business?

The main advantage of buying an existing business vs starting your own, is that there is existing cash flow. In addition, there are existing processes, people, and resources in place from day one.

Why should I go to a business broker?

A professional business broker can be helpful in many ways. We can provide you with a selection of different and, in many cases, unique businesses, including many that you would not be able to find on your own. Business brokers can offer you a wide variety of businesses to look at and consider.

Business brokers are also an excellent source of information about small business and the business buying process. We are familiar with the market and can advise you about trends, pricing and what is happening locally.

How are businesses priced?

Usually, a prospective seller will ask the business broker what they think the business will sell for. Most sellers have some idea about what they feel their business should sell for – and this is certainly taken into consideration. However, the business broker is familiar with market considerations and by reviewing the financial records of the business, can make a recommendation of what they feel the market will dictate.

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