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Here’s the problem.


You have a business to sell. But...

How can you make sure you sell for what your business is worth? How can you make sure the process goes smoothly? And how you can you make sure your employees, customers and vendors don’t find out that you’re selling?


That’s where Midway comes in.

Steve Muller and Mutty Tress partnered up as founders of Midway Business Brokerage to help solve those problems. We meet the seller and buyer mid-way to ensure a smooth sale. Combined, we have years of experience and many successful deals completed.


We help businesses sell smoothly.


We take a personal and analytical approach. Before working on the sale, we sit down with you to figure out what your business is worth. Then, we match you with a list of vetted buyers to begin the process.


All our buyers are required to sign an NDA and provide proof of funds. Discretion is important to us, just like it’s important to you. That’s why many businesses have trusted us to be the mid-way point between them and the buyer.


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